Bionic is an innovative landscape architecture, planning, and ecology practice based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2007 by Marcel Wilson, the agenda for the practice is to create intelligent landscapes at any scale through enhancing the performance of human and biological systems. Bionic is a full-service Landscape Architecture practice also providing services in Urban Design and Planning. Our expertise spans a wide range of project types including stream and habitat restoration, art installations, education, healthcare, industrial facilities, public parks, landscapes on structure, urban plazas, streetscapes, and waterfronts. Our projects range in scale from very small to very large. We enjoy this diversity of work and scales, and constantly search for ways to relate these extremes.

In support of these disciplines we also offer services in graphic design, public process, permit and regulatory support, project management, and budgeting. As a prime consultant we assemble teams to address specific site technical and political needs, and we serve as the overall organizing and mediating force for collaborations between scientists, engineers, artists, architects, and contractors. Other times we are a member of a larger team, and pride ourselves on offering our diverse project experience and collaborative abilities.