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Resilient By Design Bay Area Challenge

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    Resilient By Design Bay Area Challenge
    San Rafael, CA
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The Bionic Team was organized around the cause of finding the area that needs help most in the face of Sea Level Rise. An in-depth research and analysis process of the San Francisco Bay Area identified San Rafael as the area in greatest need. The proposal frames necessary accompanying policy and finance mechanisms to stimulate and guide change in an equitable way. Pilot and catalyst projects protect San Rafael now, enhance community resilience, test new ecological technologies, and buy time to prepare for the future. The long-term strategy engages the forces of development, economy, and the environment to re-position the urban form of San Rafael to anticipate change, enhance mobility, reinvent infrastructure, enable ecology, and provide enduring protection for another century or more. Like any other regional infrastructure, it will take generations to plan, fund, and build resilience for this nexus of the region. The Elevate San Rafael framework coordinates this distant possibility with near-term need and incremental investments such that elevating life locally can compound value exponentially and function as large-scale infrastructure for a more resilient bay area metropolis.